Jerome Etienne Notes
Just released Pacmaze my first WebGL game! Check it out!

Pacmaze V1 - a Pacman in WebGL



Pacmaze v1 is a pacman in WebGL. You are a pacman trapped in a maze. You need to eat all the pills to get out, and avoid the ghosts in the process. Well... you known pacman. You can find it as standalone webapp or in chrome web store. Pacmaze v1 is the first game of the pacmaze experiment. Show, dont tell, here is a screencast

Pacmaze Experiment

What is it ? The pacmaze experiment is the fancy name for my trip discovering gamedev field. It is an experiment i wish to try. The rule is simple. During 4 months, i am commited to work in a publish early, publish often mode. Twice a month, i will publish a new game, or a significant improvement of a previous one, on the second and the fourth wednesday of each month. Pacmaze V1 being the first of the serie.

This is the current plan... I know the schedule is tight, but this is part of the challenge. We will see how it goes along the road.

Pacmaze Experiment Origin

Pacmaze v0 was the first multi-player first person shooter using html5 power with WebGL and WebSockets. It started on 14 march 2011 with a 36h code rush. It was a proof-of-concept. Its purpose was to know if the needed technology was available on today browsers. Good news! it is :)

Obviously to code a multiplayer fps in 36h, you have to cut a lot of corners. Pacmaze v0 is ugly and got a crappy gameplay. Additionnaly, a code rush was nice and fancy but it doesnt produce a stable code base. I ended with a program which has been hacked rapidely. On top i was a beginner in the gamedev field. So i spent some time to refactor the code from 36h hack to something more stable.

I did many visual enhancements, improved the gameplay quite a bit... and then you got Pacmaze v1. have fun :)

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