Jerome Etienne Notes
Just released Pacmaze my first WebGL game! Check it out!

Pacmaze V0 - First multi-player first person shooter on html5


Last week, i started to do gamedev. During a code rush, i did pacmaze v0 in 36h!!! Then i slept a lot and published it as chrome application (This way, i didnt have to care about cross-browser compatbility out of time and lazyness i admit :)

Pacmaze v0 is a multi-player first person shooter. Everybody joins in the same maze, and they shoot at each other. Lets the best win... except that nobody dies because i forgot to code death :)

To my knowledge, Pacmaze v0 is the first multi-player first person shooter using html5 power with WebGL and WebSockets. You can find the game as standalone here. have fun. I certainly had fun writing it :)

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